An Autumnal Outfit

Monday, 20 October 2014

This weekend I went to the Ardennes in Belgium with my family, to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversery. We had the most beautiful weather, and were outside almost all the time. I hope you like this simple but very autumnal outfit! 

♥ Loggers blouse - Primark
♥  Jeans - Zara
♥ Shoes - van Haren
♥ Shirt - H&M
♥ Scarf - Only
♥ Watch - Michael Kors

My current makeup favourites

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Since it is Autumn (I didn't want to use the word in this blogpost title because I've already used it in my last three titles...  Clearly I like to talk about Autumn) I changed a bit in my makeup routine. The products you see above are my absolute favourites at the moment. I use them almost every day. '

1. Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara
A perfect mascara if you don't want a huge long lash effect. On most days I want to go for natural lashes, but I do want to accentuate them since my lashes naturally are very light. This brown/black light mascara is perfect to get this natural effect.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 
I use this powder every day just to set my foundation and/or concealer. It does the job perfectly. Nothing special, just a great powder.

3. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 058
I talked about this lipstick back in August in this blogpost. I still love it and wear it a lot. 

4. Estee Lauder Blush & Bronzer Palette
I really have no idea how old this palette is. I know my mom got it in a big red Estee Lauder bag with all kinds of make-up in it a few years ago. She never used it, so I stole it and now it's mine, I guess. I actually really like this. It's so easy to have your blush and bronzer all together in one palette. I really like the colours too. 

5. Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette
This palette is not that old, I actually got it at the end of August. I use this palette so much! The light brown one, soft & sexy, I use to fill in my eyebrows. For eyeshadow, I eather use smooth harmony just all over the lid, or casual elegance with sweet sound in the crease. If I want to go all natural but my eyes look very tired, I put a little bit of the colour pure on my eyelids. 

 I found a picture of this palette from when it wasn't completely dirty!

What are your favourite make-up items this Autumn?

♥, Annemarie

Autumn/Winter Primark Haul 2014

Thursday, 9 October 2014

In the past few weeks I've been watching a lot Autumn/Winter Hauls. Not only from 2014, no, also from 2013 and probably even older. There were a few hauls that really made me want to bring a visit to Primark. So that's what I did today!
I never really enjoy the Primark store on itself, because the one closest to where I live to is always really crowded and everything's a huge mess. But when I come home and look at everything I've gotten..... I have my little happy moment and I know it's all been worth the effort.
I really liked the things they had this time. There was a lot of christmas stuff already, so I couldn't keep myself from getting a little bit into the Christmas mood. Most things I bought are for always gonna stay inside my house keeping me warm and snug in the upcoming months.

Do you feel the exitement?!

Left: Black & white reversible scarf. €7
I just love huge chunky scarfs. I'll never have enough of them. This one is really soft, it almost feels like fleece. Great for the colder months. 
Right: Loggers blouse. €14
I'm not too sure about whether I like this blouse or not. I love it when I see pictures of girls wearing one on tumblr, but I don't know if it works for me too. It's from the men section and you have to buy it with a tee shirt (which I immidiately donated to my little brother). It's really oversized and I'm gonna do my very best to make it work. It is super soft and warm and probably a real flannel, so we'll see. 

Right: White crepe shirt. €11
Collars are quite a new territory for me. I'm very exited to layer this with big sweaters or cardigans. 

Now we're getting to my favourite part: pyjamas! I know for sure I own more pyjama trousers than normal trousers and I'm not even ashamed of that :).

Left: Festive pyjama bottoms. €7
Right: Pyjama bottoms with super cute rabbits. €7
Middle: Winter warmers. €3
These socks are amazing! They really feel like a hug for your feet. Highly recommend this socks if you're a very cold-feeted person like me. 

Super cosy leggings with fleecy lining. €4
I've never actually tried leggings or panties from Primark. Because Zoe from Zoella always talks about the Super Cosy thights and how amazing they are, I decided I wanted to try a pair of them. Unfortunately they didn't have a pair of panties, so I had to take leggings. 

Two pairs of gloves. €2
This is an essential to me. My hands literally turn blue with orange dots when I'm outside in the cold (no idea why), so I really need gloves. I love how Primark understands that you need at least two pairs, because one pair is always lost when you need it. 

Christmas candles. €2,50
Because you can never get ready for Christmas early enough! This candles smell de-li-cious. I'm now gonna try not to light them again until the end of November. 

Purple crepe shirt. €11
Same as the white one, but in purple. 

Earrings. €2
I almost never wear earrings, but when I do I wear the smallest possible. I really like this gold/pink combination.

Do you go to Primark often? Which item I got is your favourite?

♥, Annemarie

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