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Friday, 21 November 2014

Lately I've been in love with Lush. I don't have a bath, so I've never been able to try their bath bombs and bath melts, but Lush sells a lot of other products that can give you an amazing shower experience. 
The three products you see on the picture are my absolute favourites at the moment. I use them every single day. 

1. Let The Good Times Roll - face scrub/cleanser

This delicious face scrub probably is my favourite Lush product ever. I have to discover a very very great product to be able to exceed this one. The main ingredient is corn, and I think the best way you can describe the smell is like the most delicious sweet pop corn you've ever tasted. I often catch myself with the pot underneith my nose trying to inhale as much of the smell as possible. I even tried to eat some of it, but I do not recommend that to anyone...
Apart from the amazing smell, the scrub also does a lot for my skin. I often find scrubs way too hard and not doing anything good for my skin, but this scrub particles are very small and do not damage my face at all. I even use the scrub twice a day, and since I've been using it my skin has improved so much that I've rarely been wearing foundation lately. And another pro: you only need to use a tiny bit. A pea sized amount is enough to cleanse your entire face. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!

Price: €9,90 per 100 grams

2. Magnificent - soap

At first I really had to get used to this soap's smell. It smells very strongly of mango. When I got used to it, I really started to love this soap. When you've been washing yourself with it in the morning, and you smell your hand or arm during the day, you smell the scent of your lovely shower and you feel totally fresh again.
For me this was the first time I've used a block of soap in the shower instead of a liquid shower gel. I really did enjoy it and I can't wait to try out more of their soap blocks! Because the soap reacts with water very quickly, the soap doens't last very long. I've been using it for two weeks now and there's not much left of it (when I took this picture I'd already been using it for a couple of times). 
I would really recommend this soap to everyone who loves mangos and a very fresh shower (and who doesn't?!).

Price: €6,85 per 100 grams

3. Happy Hippy - shower gel

This is a shower gel, but you can also use it to wash your hair with. That's mostly where I've been using it for. This gel contains fresh grape juice, what gives it a very fresh scent. A very nice shower gel/shampoo!

Price: €6,60 per 100 grams

The prices are according to the Dutch Lush website, 

What are your favourite Lush products? Do you have any (non-bath related) Lush recommendations? I'd love to try some more products but there's so much to choose from!

♥ , Annemarie

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