My Skincare Routine (everything under €10)

Monday, 29 December 2014

 Formula 10.0.6 Down to the Pore Pore Strips, €5,99
♥ Biodermal Face Wash, €10,03
♥ Garnier Skin Naturals Micellair Cleansing Water, €6,49
♥ Olaz Essentials Beauty Fluid Daily Lotion for Sensitive Skin, €5,99
♥ Elizabeth Arden Radiance Boosting Moisture Cream SPF 15, €9,99
♥ Nivea Pure&Natural Moisturising Day Cream: Normal/Combination, €9,15
♥ Nivea Pure&Natural Moisturising Night Cream: Normal/Combination, €9,15

Hi everyone,

I hope you've all had a great Christmas. Mine was amazing, I'm so sad it's over now! But weirdly enough I suddenly am in some kind of summer mood (and I'm such a winter person). I want to buy cute floral tops and pastel nail polishes while there's still snow outside. What a weirdo I am...

Today I want to show you my skincare routine. I don't use anything really special or expensive, but these products work great for me. Everything costs under €10 so it's all really affordable. I even got most of it with 1+1 promos. 

In the morning I always wash my face with cold water first. Then I use the Biodermal Face Wash to make sure my face is completely dirt-free. When I'm feeling like it I also use the Garnier Micellair Cleansing Water, because it makes the skin feel so fresh. After that I use my Olaz Essentials Beauty Fluid. This is a great moisturiser and makeup base in one. Applying your makeup is so much easier when you've applied this before!
On days when I'm not wearing make-up I'll use my Nivea Pure&Natural Day Cream instead of the Olaz one, which I've been loving for months now.

Before I take a shower I make sure almost all of my makeup is gone by taking my Garnier Micellair Cleansing Water. I absolutely love this stuff. It takes off your makeup so easily without leaving any redness or stingy eyes. After my shower I use the Biodermal Face Wash again. Then I use either the Nivea Pure&Natural Night Cream when my face doens't look too dry or the Elizabeth Arden Intervene Moisturising Cream when my face is really dry. This cream works great when your skin is extremely dry. Otherwise I find it a bit too shiny.

Because I have quite obvious nose pores and absolutely hate them, I use the Formula 10.0.6 Down to the Pore strips once a week. I've bought these quite recently and I already notice a really big difference. There are six strips in a box and you really only need to use them once a week. If you've got the same problem as I do, I'd definetely recommend them! And if you've got any tips to make them dissapear, please let me know!

Would you like to try any of these products? And what are your skincare favourites?

♥, Annemarie


  1. Such a detailed routine thankyou I love seeing what skincare products people use! Abi :)


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