Clinique Pop Lipsticks

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

02- Bare Pop

14 - Plum Pop

15 - Berry Pop

Clinique is one of my favourite brands for both makeup and skincare. I love the simplicity and high quality products. When it comes to makeup, I especially love their lipsticks. I've tried the long lasting lipsticks and the butter shine lipsticks before, but a few months ago they added a new range: the Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer collection. On the Clinique website is stated that these lipsticks should keep you lips comfortably moisturized for 8 hours. I definitely agree with that! The lipsticks have a great staying power but are not drying at all.

I have three colours from the range. Bare Pop is a peachy nude with a subtle shimmer. I feel like this colour doesn't really suit me, because it makes me look like I haven't got any colour in my face. I think it will look beautiful on people with a darker skin tone. Plum Pop is a pretty plum colour. I tend to go for this colour on days when I want to wear some colour on my lips, but not something too bold. I feel like this is the perfect in-between. My personal favourite is Berry Pop. I think the colour suits me the best and it's so comfortable to wear. The only disadvantage is that it's quite hard to apply nicely, because it's such a bold colour. I don't have this problem with the other two colours.

The lipsticks cost around €22,-, which is not too bad in my opinion. The quality is noticebly better than drugstore lipsticks, so I am totally willing to pay a bit more for that!

I definitely want to add more colours to my collection. There are 24 colours to pick from, so there's enough choice! Do you have any colour recommendations? 

♥, Annemarie


  1. Beautiful shades and pictures!

  2. Those shades look really nice on you!

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  4. How do they wear? Are they "kissable" or would they last an evening over with dinner? They look super beautiful!


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