Sunday, 15 January 2017

If you haven't heard or seen anything about hygge, you must have been living under a rock. I heard a bit about it here in there in the past few months, but didn't really look into it until recently. I was browsing through a book store looking for a birthday present for one of my best friends and stumbled upon Meik Wiking's book about Hygge. I bought it for her, leafed through it to read see what it was about, and before I knew it I had finished the entire book and had to buy my friend a new copy (sad note: she had already received the same book from someone else so I had to return it).

The book by Meik Wiking, CEO at The Happiness Research Institute in Kopenhagen, is all about the Danish art of living. Hygge is a Danish word which you can't really translate to English (in Dutch it is quite the same as 'gezelligheid') but it essentially is a word to describe everything people do to become happier and focus on the things that really matter. It's about having quality time alone and with friends, in and out of the house, and about changing your environment in a way that you can live more happily and peacefully.
Burning candles is hygge. Reading a book in comfy clothes underneath a blanket is hygge. Having a nostalgic Harry Potter marathon is hygge (this is definitely on my to do as soon as possible list). Staying in a little wooden cabin with your best friends for the weekend and play board games with the fire burning is (extremely) hygge. Basically, hygge is everything amazing.

When reading this book, I realized I've always been a major hygge practitioner, I just never realized it had a name. I think this book is full of situations everyone has experienced, but maybe didn't appreciate as valuable. Reading this book can help you to appreciate those moments even more. It also gave me a lot of ideas of things to do, alone and with friends, in the upcoming year, and really helped me to make me look forward to 2017.

I think I'm going to send an e-mail to mister Wiking and ask him if he needs any psychology students to help him with his research ;). If you haven't read his book yet, I would highly recommend you do!

a new year, a fresh start

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hello lovely readers. I know, it's been a while. And no, I haven't been extremely busy, but for some reason I've had such a lack of motivation to do anything in the past couple of months. I couldn't get out of bed until 9.30 and wasted a lot of my days watching netflix and doing nothing. I also started a new part-time job that was quite hard at the beginning, which for me was an excuse to do even less on days I didn't have to work. Even though I love november and december, I really needed january to get my interest back in doing the things I always used to love.

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