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Thursday, 9 March 2017

I'd slept less three hours that night. I had a thesis deadline on Monday morning and I'd procrastinated for way too long. Completely my own fault of course. But at 7.30 I finally e-mailed my research proposal to my supervisor, changed my dressing gown for a jumper that was just as cosy, put an umbrella and a bottle of water in my backpack and quietly left the house. 
I don't know how, but I managed to stay awake during the two hour train journey. When I finally arrived in Ede, my friend was already waiting for me at the train station. She recently moved to this beautiful town and I couldn't wait to see her room and explore the beautiful surroundings a bit more. I rented a bike and we cycled through the town to her new house. Then I realized how much I love this side of the country. The smell of the trees, the quiet, the old-fashioned railway crossings... We even cycled past an elementary school with a playground in the woods! My children need to go to that school!

One of my friends from high school who also lives in Ede joined us. We drank liters of tea and talked and talked for hours. Then we hopped on our bikes and headed to the woods and moorland. I tried to take photos whilst I was cycling and obviously fell off the road into the mud. Luckily I didn't break my camera or my rented bike. 
After a 45-minute bike ride we arrived at a beautiful little restaurant in the middle of the woods. We decided to go on a little walk first. The surroundings were absolutely beautiful. We walked around, took a lot of photos and then came back to the restaurant to warm up and have a cup of tea. 

One of the best chai tea lattes I've ever had!
By the time we had finished our tea it was almost time for me to go. We cycled the 45 minutes back to the train station and I returned my bike at the bike rental place. I told the man who worked there that I was so happy with my bike and that it had served me so well during the day. He didn't say anything but just looked at me like I was mental. Oh well, let's not forget that I had barely slept that night.

On the train back home I felt extremely tired, but so happy and content. It was so nice to be surrounded by nature with my friends without a phone connection and without worries about assignments and deadlines and a million other things. And then it was time to go back to the real world.  

♡, Annemarie


  1. LOVE al de foto's! Wat een prachtige omgeving, I need to go there once. Fijn dat je even wat rust heb kunnen vinden na de stressvolle dagen! ps. that jumper looks like the cosiest jumper evur xxx Eva

    1. Wat een super lieve reactie! Dank je wel!! En die trui is inderdaad heeeerlijk. Liefs

  2. Wat een prachtige foto's! Echt fantastisch, en ik kan me zo voorstellen hoe rustgevend het geweest moet zijn, zo zonder deadlines :)

    1. Lief!! Dank je wel :) En het was inderdaad heeeerlijk. Xxx


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