Barcelona travel diary, part one

Friday, 5 May 2017

A week ago, I went on a citytrip to Barcelona with my family. We desperately tried to ignore the bad forecasts and kept telling ourselves that the weather wouldn't really be that bad. Our hand luggage consisted of t-shirts, sunglasses and thin jumpers for the cold mornings. But when we set foot on Spanish territory, we realized that we had to adjust our expectations. Barcelona was covered in grey clouds and soon it would start to rain. 
(Don't worry, the blue skies will come in part two).

We definitely had bad luck with the weather on the first two days. It basically rained non-stop. The city was breathtaking anyways. I was really suprised that the architecture was so different from other cities I've been to, like Rome and Florence. Probably just should have paid more attention during my art classes... Despite the rain, we tried to enjoy the city as much as possible and just stopped a little bit more often to warm our hands with coffee or a hot chocolate. 
La Sagrada Familia is one of the weirdest structures I've ever seen. Obviously it's still not finished - that will take at least another 20 years - but nevertheless it is huge and very impressive. It is anything but a traditional church - the shapes and sculptures remind me more of a Dutch themepark called 'the Efteling'. Tip: if you're visiting Barcelona, book your tickets to go inside the basilica in advance (and please go inside, it's worth it)! We were there on Tuesday and all tickets were sold out until Sunday.  
A few hours after we'd visited inside the Sagrada Familia, we had tickets to go inside Parc Guell. My dad had the idea to walk around Barcelona in the meantime, but the weather was so terrible at this point (and it was absolutely freezing) that we waited inside a Costa for 1.5 hours instead. The park is quite far out of the city centre, but we decided to walk anyways. I strolled a few meters behind my family and tried to take pictures from underneath my umbrella. Unfortunately, non of these really turned out the way I'd hoped. The park itself was smaller than I'd expected, but still very unique and beautiful. And I imagine you have a beautiful view over the city when it's sunny. 
Another tip when you're visiting the park (and the same goes for La Sagrada Familia): there's no point in arriving before the time that's on your ticket - they really won't let you in early. 
On the third day, the rain had finally stopped and the sky carefully turned blue. I took more photos on the last day than on the first two days added together, so stay tuned for part two!

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  1. Love the pictures! Such a good Barcelona mood. :)


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