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Saturday, 12 August 2017

I love going on little day trips with my cousin Miriam. A few weeks ago, on the last day we could travel for free (one of the perks of being a student in the Netherlands...), we both had a day off and decided to go to The Hague. The day wasn't perfect at all - the weather wasn't great (I had to buy a scarf because I was freezing) and the shopping streets were extremely busy. We both got tired of all the cues and all the people, so we decided to hop on the tram and go to Scheveningen, a seaside town nearby. We didn't know that the tram traffic in The Hague was a mess, so by the time we arrived it was much later than we had planned. When we finally arrived it was still freezing and extremely windy, but we decided to take off our jackets (well, I didn't have a jacket with me) and have a little photoshoot. As you can see on the photos we had a lot of fun. There were two other girls doing the exact same thing and we were laughing to each other the whole time - I'm still trying to find out who they were and if they are also bloggers (I could have just asked them... but I was too shy). Afterwards we ate chips on the Pier and travelled the whole way back home. After all it was a lovely day :). 

What I'm wearing: 
• top: topshop 
 jeans: lost ink 
• shoes: converse 
• sunglasses: kiomi

What Miriam is wearing:  
• top: c&a 
 jeans: vero moda 
• shoes: converse 
• sunglasses: c&a



  1. mooie girls! gezellig zo'n daagje in den Haag en Scheveningen! fijne foto's.xx

  2. Zijn mooie foto's geworden!

  3. Leuk, zo'n dubbele outfitpost! ;) Altijd leuk, foto's bij de zee! X

  4. De foto's zijn zo mooi geworden, vooral die wind geeft de foto's zo'n tof effect!! Heel mooi!


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